All our label releases are free to use on YouTube*, Facebook & Instagram and can be monetized.

For content that falls under the following categories you will be able to monetize the video indefinitely.

- Auto & vehicles

- Beauty & Fashion

- Comedy

- Education

- Family Entertainment

- Film & Animation

- Food

- Gaming

- How-to & Style

- News & Politics

- Nonprofits & Activism

- People & Blogs

- Pets & Animals

- Science & Technology 

- Sport

- Travel & Events

If your content falls under the 'Music' category, the following rules apply:


Curator channels can freely monetize our releases until the threshold of 1,000,000 views is surpassed, after this is passed you'll receive a claim. These are not copyright strikes and aren't bad for your channel. 

You can freely monetize our releases indefinitely if included within longer form content (such as mixes & live-streams) and we will never claim your video / stream in this case.

Thanks for your interest in using our music! We really appreciate any type of support.

If you have any questions you can reach us via email: