GC Turner - Come On Over

GC Turner recently introduced a brand new single titled “Come On Over.” This is a lively track, loaded with edge and personality. It paints a very honest and unapologetic perspective on this artist’s remarkable talent, as well as his ability to set the bar higher in terms of energy. At the end of the day, “Come On Over” is decidedly far removed from all of the usual cliches and stereotypes of this particular genre. What makes it stand out is definitely the fact that GC Turner has a distinctive personality, and his creative outlook definitely shines through. The sound of this song is particularly distinctive because it holds a lot of power and punch, highlighting GC Turner’s incredible versatility as a producer and artist. Who says catchy music can’t be smart? The winning factor behind this release is most certainly the fact that GC Turner managed to find the sweet spot between sophisticated production ideas and rich, characterful hooks that are instinctive and spontaneous. Find out more about GC Turner, and do not miss out on “Come On Over,” as well as other releases from this talented producer.